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Baking machines

Variant and product variety from customised solutions

As a specialised machine builder for the baking and confectionery industry, we manufacture custom baking machines to your specific needs. We offer machines for producing rolled sugar cones, mini cones, flat wafers, hollow wafers, moulded wafers, wafer rounds, waffle rolls, and wafer cups. With our downstream lines, you can also stack, cup, and coat your wafer products with chocolate and cream.

Up to

20,000 units per hour

Efficient, flexible, and powerful baking machines

Our energy-efficient and powerful industrial machines allow you to produce between 2,000 and 20,000 units per hour. A modular design gives our machines flexibility in use and the option for expanding or upgrading at any time.

Longevity and quality with short servicing and repair times

High-quality parts and materials make our baking machines extra durable and sturdy, giving you several decades of use without issue – up to 7,000 production hours per year!

Thanks to our years of experience, servicing and repair times are short compared to other manufacturers. Our clever, detailed solutions allow you to change over parts such as cone mandrels quickly and efficiently.

Up to

7,000 production hours per year

Easy handling and high safety

Handling and safety at the highest level

We place great value on ease of use while also covering all necessary safety aspects. We not only pay attention to individual processes but also keep the big picture in focus at all times.

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