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Wafer rolls

Base Cone waffle rolls

Available sizes

(Outer diameter: approx. 20 mm; centre S-fold)

Approx. 24 mmApprox. 30.000 units/h
Approx. 48 mmApprox. 15.000 units/h
Approx. 97 mmApprox. 8,000 units/h
Approx. 194 mmApprox. 4,000 units/h

Base Cone wafer rolls

Available sizes

Inner diameterOuter diameterLengthCapacity
Approx. 10 mm
Approx. 18 mm
Approx. 22 mm
Approx. 18 mm
Approx. 25 mm
Approx. 30 mm
80–160 mm
80–200 mm
80–200 mm
Approx. 2,000 units/h
Approx. 3,500 units/h
Approx. 6,000 units/h
Approx. 12,000 units/h
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